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New Video: Robsten Is Unbreakable

Hi guys,

It’s been a very hard week for me. and I know, it’s for you too.
and when the first time I heard the news, I was shocked, sad, and i cried.

But I can’t believe any of those things. because I believe in them so much. don’t judge me, I just love them with all my life.

So, I came up with the song in my head, and I started making this video.

Hopefully you guys like it.

Keep strong, and keep believing!


Move to a New Home

Dear lovely Robsteners, Krisbians, and Robsesseds…

maybe many of you was wondering where was i going these whole time when i didn’t update this site. yeah.. i made a new blog which i hope you’ll like it because i worked on this for awhile and i really want to make a better site. i hope you’ll love it as much as i love it too. 🙂

and this is my new site,

hopefully you can enjoy your time there. it’s not complete yet but for the first i hope it’s fine.

and why did i consider today for the time to move into a new home?
because i want to make it special, new day for Kristen (in her birthday) … and new home for us 😀

so see you soon in our new home 🙂

me 😉 

Sorry for Not Updating this Site

Hello guys… i hope u are all happy to finally feel the weather of November (Woohooo…!) 🙂

well.. i want to apologize for all of you that come to visit this site.. but can’t find any updated news or pics, or anything about Robsten that i it used to be… it’s because i don’t have internet connection in my new house (yet)…

and i’m intended to move this site to make it better site (i hope). and until now, this new site that on my project list, isn’t ready yet (unfortunately 😦 ) so i hope you guys can forgive me..

will definitely let you know if my project is done..

thanks for all visitors… love you all guys..

stay tuned 🙂

More Videos of BD Panel and Press Conference

Just excerpts-

 ScreenTeam Media

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Fan Encounter – BD Panel Comic-Con


@awesomearianna About 50 fans were given the amazing opportunity to meet Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, and Bill Condon at Comic Con 2011 and I was one of them. We were told that no cameras or cell phones were allowed to be out in the room, or else we would have our badges taken away so we took no chances. About 5-10 fans were let in at a time and I was in the second group. I thought I would freak out but amazingly enough I stay calm and I think that’s all due to Taylor. When it was my turn I was up and he gave me his flashing smile and said “Hey, how’s it going!” So naturally if someone is not going to be nervous with me, i’m not going to be nervous with them. I said hi and told him I have had to wait many years to meet him and the time has finally come! So he wrote on my poster “Nice finally meeting you” and said it was great to meet me! He was sweet beyond words! So then Rob was next and my calmness was still there (oddly enough) so he said “hey” and gave me that half smirk and head nod I said the first thing that popped to mind “Hey, when are you finally going to buzz all that hair off” (or something to that effect) and he laughed and told me that he actually likes it’s it likes it and wants to keep his hair like that for a while, all while laughing it off. I (still giggling) thanked him and walked to Kristen were I completely shut down for some reason.She seems very shy but she was very sweet and smiled and thanked me for coming. “

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Bunch Collection of Fan Pics – BD Panel @ Comic-Con 2011

Photobucket  Photobucket


BEWARE! You will get more ‘awww’ after the jump. 😀


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BD Panel Vids (in HD) from EatEditEtc

“The video ends right before a scene from the movie is shown because no movie footage was allowed to be recorded.”

Hopefully the guys from EatEditEtc will upload the rest of the clips.

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Full BD Panel PressCon from HitFix

The Hitfix coverage is now in youtube

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Robsten and Bill Condon Talk to EW


EW Comic-Con’s Hall H held all the devoted fans (some who had been waiting to get in since Monday) it could pack in for Thursday’s Breaking Dawn panel. “You always forget just how huge it is,” said Robert Pattinson, a few hours later, relaxing with coffee alongside Kristen Stewart and director Bill Condon.

The highlight of the presentation had to be the screening of the never-before-seen footage of Bella and Edward’s honeymoon on Isle Esme. “I thought it went over really well,” said Condon. “I was hoping that the beats that they would kind of ‘Oooh’ and ‘Ahh’ over were the ones they would. It felt really good.” There certainly was plenty of both oooh-ing and ahh-ing (thanks to scenes of Stewart clad only in a white towel and Pattinson shirtless in the ocean by moonlight). And yet both actors agreed it was a calmer, gentler panel scene than during previous years at Comic-Con.

“The first time we did it,” says Pattinson of his first Comic-Con in 2008, “all the lights came up when everyone came in. And people just went insane. People didn’t stop screaming for ages — and that was before the movie even came out. It was a turning point. It was the first bit of promotional stuff — we’d done one Entertainment Weekly cover at that point, and that was it. And it was like the characters from the book had actually just walked out on stage.”

Stewart agreed. “It was the first real sign,” she said, that the movie versions of the beloved books might be a hit. Of that first appearance, “I think I was genuinely scared.” But this year, “everyone was so nice,” she said of the fans who attended the panel. Both actors and Condon mentioned they were impressed with fans’ thoughtfulness and respect given during the Q&A, and were thrilled to be able to show them the footage. “We had a discussion about it,” said Condon about the length of the clip. “I said, ‘Let’s not just do a little thing. Let’s really show them.’”

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Bill COndon’s Interview With MovieLine and Movies.Com


Movieline  Not only that, but the idea that Bill Condon would want to direct a Twilight movie! What were the reasons you were interested in the job, and how did you go about convincing Summit you were the right director? 
You’d have to talk with them but I think it was the connection to the material that I felt. Because it’s all told from Bella’s point of view, I don’t know why I hook into her so much especially in this story. And my Kristen Stewart crush, you know? The idea that she was going to take this journey, I was really exciting to collaborate with her on that.

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